The development and application of technology to improve the work flow and ease of use of molecular diagnostics were the founding principles of Lumora and this was a key reason behind the ERBA mannheim acquisition. The team at ERBA Molecular have invented and patented a number of key technologies that simplify and reduce the cost of molecular diagnostic testing. At the heart of the company is our detection system, BART (Bioluminescent Assay in Real Time) which enables this key principle 

ERBA Molecular has developed a range of proprietary technologies that have produced an Integrated molecular isothermal technology in which the individual components of Sample Prep, Amplification and Real-Time Detection all work seamlessly together to provide optimal performance.

The technology described above as well as our Next Generation Quantification application (NGQ) or Digital BART are described in more detail in the links below.


Digital BART
Sample Prep
Preparation of nucleic acid samples prior to amplification and detection of specific targets is arguably the most challenging step of molecular diagnostics, without good quality nucleic acid downstream process are compromised.
STEM primers offer Isothermal assays more choices for primer design and increase assay speed, sensitivity, and reproducibility
Digital BART a better solution to conventional digital PCR techniques. A flexible and scalable digital technique that meets market demands.
Sample Prep
NextGen Quantification
BART (Bioluminescent Assay in Real-Time) is a novel and proprietary reporter system, developed by Lumora, which is designed to be used with isothermal nucleic acid amplification technologies - primarily as a tool in molecular diagnostics.