ERBA Molecular has developed an integrated diagnostic platform with state of the art nucleic acid testing (NAT) chemistry and instrumentation that provides a low cost, easy to use molecular diagnostic that is applicable to the veterinary diagnostic market. 

The Integrated molecular isothermal technology in which the individual components (Sample Prep, Amplification and Real-Time Detection) all work seamlessly together to provide optimal performance has been developed for use in non-traditional settings such as veterinary labs or pen side.

Veterinary diagnostics have incorporated technologies and methods gained from human diagnostics to develop a now full-fledged sister market that is open to further innovation. Major diagnostic methods in mainstream healthcare – immunodiagnostics, molecular diagnostics testing, haematology and clinical chemistry – now have standard applications in the veterinary care of companion (pets) and food animals (livestock and production animals).

Companion Animal Testing

BiogalERBA Molecualr has collaborated with Biogal Galed Labs ACS Ltd, a provider of veterinary diagnostics, to develop a series of veterinary tests for companion or small animals.


The initial product pipeline includes:

  • Ehrlichia
  • Mycoplasma
  • Leishmania
  • Leptospira

Large Animals

ERBA Molecular’s technology is ideally suited for use at pen side or in the veterinary laboratory. The simple work flow of the integrated system where there is only a single reagent transfer combined with the novel Integrated Sample Collection, Transport and Extraction technology will allow molecular diagnostics to penetrate new markets.

Food animal diagnostics can assist livestock and production animal management complementing other measures such as vaccination and selective breeding. The food animal diagnostics market is closely aligned with governmental efforts to protect domestic industries and human populations from the transmission of disease into human populations.

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