Board of Directors

Suresh Vazirani smSuresh Vazirani, Chairman

An electrical engineer by profession, during the early stage of his career, he realized there was a gap in many medical facilities and the problems faced by doctors in offering quality medical care to the patients. Medical instruments were not easily accessible and needed frequent servicing. In 1979, at the age of 29, he established Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd. in India as a foundation of the ERBA Group. Initially a small marketing firm for imported diagnostic equipment, today, Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd. is recognized as India's Number One Diagnostic Company providing a wide range of diagnostic solutions.

Mr. Vazirani’s insatiable urge to serve the global medical community, led him to further his ambitions and set up - ERBA Diagnostics Mannheim GmbH. The ERBA Group, of which Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd. is a part, is a trusted name in the international in-vitro diagnostic market.

Laurence Tisi

Laurence Tisi PhD, President

Laurence Tisi, President of ERBA Molecular and Co-founder of Lumora which was acquired by ERBA Mannheim in September 2015 to form ERBA Molecular. Laurence has been leading operations since 2003 and CEO since 2007, directing the R&D pipeline and day to day running of the company. He has helped Lumora raise £4.8M in funding before leading hugely successful exit for the investors and shareholders. He is a former winner of the 'Marlene Deluca Prize' for the research he performed on bioluminescence whilst at Cambridge University. He is a named inventor on several patents including Lumora's core 'BART' technology