Assay Design

ERBA molecular offers a turn-key solution to assay design and development to licensing partners as part of a comprehensive package of services. World class competencies provided by the company include:


Bioinformatic analysis is used to identify unique sequence signatures of pathogens of interest and to design tests to be as fast and robust as possible.

Amplification technology expertise

The ERBA molecular team has substantial experience in designing highly sensitive and specific molecular assays using a number of isothermal NAATs. We have already completed commercial assay design programmes on behalf of a number of diagnostic partners.

Assay optimisation

Once the amplification technology and target region have been selected, scientists at ERBA molecular will optimise the assay for speed, quantitation or other required performance characteristics.


The ERBA molecular production team has successfully formulated many assays for lyophilisation. We operate freeze-drying in-house and are capable of manufacturing batches of up to a thousand assays  for testing.


Once freeze-dried assays are available ,we can perform a wide range of performance and quality assurance checks:  as can our partners who we will supply with the hardware and reagents to critically assess test performance.

Sample Preparation

At ERBA molecular we consider molecular diagnostics to represent the full process from sample-to-result. Consequently we have developed multiple methods to prepare nucleic acids ready for amplification and detection. These can be incorporated with other ERBA molecular technologies, or combined with existing PCR approaches.

erba test development process