Intellectual Property

The BART technology is protected by two patents, WO2004/062338 & WO2006/010948. The first of these is already granted in the EU, USA and India, Japan, Australia, China and Canada; the second patent is so far granted in China and is in the international phase in the other territories.

ERBA Molecular also innovates in the areas of isothermal DNA amplification methods accumulating considerable know-how and various means to improve test performance, key aspects of which have been protected with two recent patent applications from ERBA Molecular. WO2010/007355 describes a means to implement an internal control using BART and WO2010/146349 describes "Stem" primers which offers key benefits to certain isothermal amplification methods such as LAMP (Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification).

Along with these advancements in reporter systems and nucleic acid amplification, ERBA Molecular has also innovated and protected a new class of sample preparation technologies based on a so-called "Heat-Elution" principle which has proven robust enough to work on highly challenging samples. This development was supported by the UK Technology Strategy Board who recognised the pressing need for improvement to sample preparation methods. Roche Diagnostics have purchased ERBA Molecular's Heat Elution technology to enhance preparation for sequencing.