Company Profile - Introduction to ERBA Molecular

ERBA molecular is an IVD company with a novel, commercially validated and integrated molecular diagnostic system. ERBA Molecular' approach to simplified diagnostic workflow employs a next generation isothermal amplification technology which integrates with an innovative sample preparation technology and a patented, real-time detection technology. This combination provides a low cost, easy to use molecular solution for near-patient or decentralised testing.

ERBA's molecular diagnostic system is also ideally suited for medium volume throughput hospital laboratories and has been successfully deployed by its commercial partners in a variety of  non-traditional settings.  This is facilitated by ERBA Molecular having successfully combined complex molecular diagnostic technologies into a few simple steps; removing the need for highly skilled operators. Consequently this approach provides a pathway for a CLIA waivable POC system for use in such locations as physician office labs, STD clinics, blood collection sites and resource-poor settings.

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TogetherWe believe that molecular diagnostics doesn’t need to be costly or difficult to perform.
DetectionTogether we are taking molecular diagnostics to places that current systems haven’t been able to reach
DiscoveryOur mission is to make nucleic acid detection more widely available through the development of robust, easy-to-use and affordable testing systems.