ERBA MDX is an innovative molecular diagnostics company applying its commercially validated proprietary technology in sample preparation, amplification and detection to produce novel workflow based solutions to reduce the complexity of molecular testing.

ERBA MDX has successfully condensed complex molecular diagnostic technologies into a few simple steps requiring a minimally skilled operator and consequently the potential for a CLIA waivable POC system for use in a wide range of decentralized testing environments, including resource-poor settings in clinical diagnostics and industrial microbiology.

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Together We believe that molecular diagnostics doesn’t need to be costly or difficult to perform.
Discovery Our mission is to make nucleic acid detection more widely available through the development of robust, easy-to-use and affordable testing systems.
A work flow based approach using proprietary technology to simplify clinical Mdx.
Detection Together we are taking molecular diagnostics to places that current systems haven’t been able to reach
Novel technologies in Sample prep, amplification and detection.
Sample prep & Technology
Applying novel molecular diagnostic solutions to industrial microbiology.